Masjid Alhuda has a fundraising event throughout this season and it is a great opportunity for our local community to get involved in this rewarding event. The objective of this event is to continue the effort to acquire the current property and the completion of outstanding projects. The quarterly target for the fundraising is £50,000. May the Almighty Allah give us the courage to reach the target and guide us to the straight path, the leaflets of the fund-raising event is now available in the Masjid.

The cost of one praying Sajayah is £250 and we encourage everyone to take one or more praying Sajayah to enable us to complete the ongoing project of the Masjid. The volunteers will visit the local businesses and neighbourhood every week to launch an effective fund-raising event.

« Whatsoever you spend of anything (in Allah’s Cause) He will replace it and he is the Best of providers. Quran 34:39 »

If you would like to be part of the fund-raising activities please contact us and let us know your idea. Your support to our community is highly appreciated. You can either donate a certain amount every month by standing order or you can pay your entire donation in full by a cheque payable to Bristol Somali Centre. We anticipate your donation can make difference the wellbeing of our community.


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